Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I believe

I believe that America is still the greatest nation on earth even though the American people have seen some very hard times in the last six years because of the worst national recession since the great depression.
Michigan’s recession began even earlier and has struggled ever since but is now slowly beginning to recover because of a new Republican Governor, Republican leadership in both the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate.
In order for Michigan to fully recover from recession and return to a vigorous and robust economy we must maintain the republican majority in the Michigan house of Representatives to continue the policies needed to create employment opportunities for our children and grandchildren.
Increasing that majority will guarantee that our children and grandchildren will be able to remain in Michigan to raise their families and again lead the nation in production and prosperity.
My candidacy for the State of Michigan House of Representatives is dedicated to:
#1.Low Taxes (protect taxpayer dollars at all times)
#2.Less mandates and regulations (let markets pick winners not government)
#3.More parental choices in education (parents pay the taxes allow for their input)
#4. Real openness and transparency in government. (No more back room deals)
#5. Work every day to resist national takeover of health care.